The Wild Heart Workshop is a workshop for intimate couples photography dedicated to adventurous photographers, to those who are still looking for their why and who wish to develop their potential, by learning and sharing with other photographers. This workshop is an opportunity to discover yourself, your style, and let your roots grow.

      How does the registration work?

      To register you, just write me briefly here that you want to come, I will then contact you immediately. If you have any questions, write to me or call me, I am reachable under +49 15172100349. It will be a pleasure to answer your questions.

      What if I am unable to attend?

      I understand that things happen, but unfortunately all payments are not refundable, but transferable, either to one person. If you are unable to attend, you are welcome to try and sell your place to an other photographer.

      I am not a professional, should I still come?

      Of course! this workshop is for anyone wanting to start, or get more creative. This is not a beginners course however, and general camera knowledge is necessary.

      How many attendees will be there?

      Will cap not more than 15 attendees.

      What's if the weather isn't good on the workshop day?

      If the weather isn't good, for example it's raining really much that we aren't able to shoot at all, we will shoot inside.

      How will the intimate session looks like?

      I love epic landscapes, raw emotions and real stories. This is really important for me to have beautiful moments during the session that you'll be able to capture. Everybody will be able to shoot and having time for taking plenty pictures. I will also assist you if you need any helps. Plan for light-moderate walks to get to location.

      Can I use an analog camera?

      You bet! I would love too! This is the way I'd learn photography at the analog time. So please if you want to try it with an analog camera, do it! Can't wait to see your result at the end.

      What can I do with the photos?

      Literally anything you want. Use them for social media, your website, your portfolio. As long as you are the one who took and edited the photos, you can use them anywhere you want..

      What should I bring with me?

      Your positive spirit, your love to photography, and most importantly your thurst for knowledge and friendship.

      Is this workshop only for photographers?

      Absolutely not only. It doesn't really matter if you are a photographer or videographer, beginner or a professional.


      I look forward to meeting you!