Last July I had the chance to photograph Sofia and Chris and witness one more time their amazing and sensible love. We spent some hours at the beautiful Eibsee situated south of Bavaria having an intimate couple shoot. I love this place so much. It remembers me my home country Canada. Specially the forest. The Eibsee offer more than just a beautiful green water lake. The mountains, the rocks and the forest are unbelievable beautiful. I could spend everyday my time over there.

      I’m so thankful that I know this two beautiful humans. They are so lovely person with such a big heart. Sofia his from Ecuador, one country that I would love to visit one day. Listening about how beautiful it is in her home country makes me dreaming. The mountains and nature over there must be really special as also the peoples. Hope really one day to have the chance to travel it.

      Thank you guys, one more time, for your confidence in my work but for all to giving every time the chance to witness your love in a very privat way.


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