2018 was definitely the year of decision. Follow a new path and photograph something new in the way I see and feel… Leaving slowly the wedding industry and normal portrait photography to change on intimates couples and woman boudoir photography was not that easy. If I’m honest with myself, never I had dare to make it, if I didn’t got peoples around me who always tell me to do it. I was afraid leaving my comfortable and rentable business. I’m so thankful that so many friends, family, and others photographers encouraged me to make it. That has helps so much to get confidence in me and believe in my work.

      This blog show my best photographs of 2018, a new image of who I really am and my art. I hope you will love it and feel how I see couples in love and beautiful woman in a really sensual and romantic way. My passion for the nature and deeply love is a perfect way for me to show it.




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